We are on our hobby, paragliding, become passionate campers.  We like to be outside in nature and spend our free time outdoors. Over the years, the desire to make it possible for the time you spend out there was still something to beautify and renew. Regardless of where you happen to be, you could heat the seating that was the idea. Prototype: the seats in the car.

Until the realization of this idea, it was a long way. But then we were able to find a solution, as we our individually  “Out experience”  could enjoy better while supporting even our health. The Rumpwarmer was born! What could be more natural than to also offer first friends and eventually other customers.

Also, you can purchase our proven products for sale. Get eco-friendly comfort outside!

Silke & Max Niedzwetzki
Silke & Max Niedzwetzki Outchair Founders