Special Edition “EC Bad Nauheim” – limited

This all-rounder can be used anywhere and is particularly suitable in the hunt on the high seat, while visiting the stadium, festival or outdoor theater, at parties or in the beer garden at the picnic table and in a kayak or sailboat. Above all, it is where the seat has no backrest. By connecting the backrest to the seat surface by means of adjustable straps to get a stable and back strain ends support.
It is also suitable as a warm cushion in any existing chair. Two incorporated in the stool infrared heating pads provide back and posterior heat, no matter where they are.
By the handy strap, it can transported easily. The Bottom Heater has low weight and can be stowed away by the small pack size. Whether in the car, in the stroller, in the walker, bike or backpack.

1. A high-performance lithium polymer battery with 3 heat delivers up to 6 hours of energy. The battery has to use an additional USB output to him as a power bank. He has a lifetime of at least 400 charging cycles.
2. The chair has a comfortable size and its pack size is folded 40 x 40 cm and can also be rolled into themselves to be conveniently stowed in a backpack.
3. The chair comes complete with battery and charger.
4. Weight 1.6 kg
5. Available in black and olive.