Heat pad

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Currently, the heat pad is only available in the color

grey / black


The Heat Pad is our latest project. It has a very small package and can be easily transported in a pocket, purse or backpack. This heating pad is suitable for all outdoor activities where you would want some heat – whether in the football stadium, at the ski lodge or winter sporting events and open air events such as festivals, concerts and Formula 1 racing, hiking or biking. It is water resistant and can be well used on snowy or wet seats.

  1. A high-performance lithium polymer battery with 3 heat supplies energy for up to 6 hours. The battery has to use an additional USB output to him as a power bank. He has a lifetime of at least 400 charging cycles.
  2. Dimensions 40 cm X 30
  3. The pad comes complete with battery, charger and bag
  4. Weight 300 g
  5. Colors: black / gray, black and black / olive

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Weight N/A

olive/black, black, grey/black

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