Stadium seat


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Our Stadium Seat is the lightweight, portable way to stay warm even in cold stadiums. Even if the event takes a bit longer.

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Fold together flexibly. Light. Transportable.

  • stadion
  • arena
  • hike
  • summer theater
  • qinter and summer sports events
  • camping
  • sleeping bag

The Stadium Seat was specially developed for a visit to the football stadium. He has also proven to be a seat pad for every other chair and has proven to be very useful especially in the treatment of back problems. Due to its size of 2 x 40 x 40 cm, the seat pad can be used very well on other chairs, benches, loungers, on the sofa or as a bed base in bed or sleeping bag.

Dimensions folded are at 40 x 40 cm. Weight without battery about 700 grams. Color: Black.

The Stadium Seat requires a seat for an upright position; The seat itself has no side straps.

See pictures.

Total weight about 1 kg.