A couple of hours in the open air on the private terrace, in the garden, fishing, camping, on the sports field or just in the park nearby. Cozy seating with friends or neighbors out there together and enjoying nature. But when the sun gradually loses its force, such a beautiful evening ends often abrupt.

Is there a solution? Yes! It is Outchair. Our battery-heated seats and mats are very comfortable and warm. For hunters and campers, anglers and barbecue, we have the perfect solution for cold days, evenings and nights – sustainable and healthy.


Our heat pads pamper anywhere on a single charge depending on the set temperature up to 6 hours exactly with the heat spectrum that also we give people themselves from us. The innovative developments of Outchair GmbH make infrared energy available on mobile phones – for a healthier life!

Together with my colleagues we are really often for St. Pauli in the football stadium. When Peter showed us your warm seats online, we ordered directly for the upcoming game. Next time, the logo of St. Pauli has to be printed on the seat!

Helmut Ant, 36 from Hamburg

I am often outside with my 2 dogs as I am taking care of the forest as a forester. I found the outchair seat in an online report and had to give it a shot. Meanwhile, I have also ordered 2 dog blankets for my loved ones. Simply amazing!

Annemarie Werner, 36 from Nürnberg

My wife and I are very happy to go out for camping. Of course, sitting outside is a must. With our new outchair pads, we even sit outside when we are having a fresh morning. We and our neighbors close by are hooked.

Johannes Schumacher, 45 from Heimberg